The Points Based System is the new Immigration Application & Approval Criteria adopted by the UK Government.

The PBS deals with a range of immigration categories including, Students, Investors, Highly Skilled Migrants, Entrepreneurs as well as Ministers of Religion.

The Points Based System often requires the Sponsorship Letter from either an Employer or indeed a Tier 4 Sponsor such as a College or University.

The Points Based System is a veritable maze of Rules & Regulations which was introduced into the middle of an already highly complex UK Immigration Law Framework. As with any maze trying to find your way around it, is not advised, especially when important decisions about your life, and that of your family are concerned.

The UK happens to be highly desired destination for people wanting to live and work overseas. However, the UK’s PBS immigration is difficult to understand and follow.

We at Bridgdeway solicitors offer client professional services in the following listed PBS categories which are currently open to new applicants:

Tier-1: (Entrepreneurs, Graduate Entrepreneur, Investors, and Exceptional Talent visa).
Tier 2: (Skilled workers, Intra Company Transfers, Sports People and Ministers of Religion).
Tier 4: ( Overseas Students aged over 16 from outside the EEA who wish to study in the UK).
Tier 5: (Creative & Sporting, Charity Workers, Religious Workers, and the Youth Mobility Scheme, Government Authorised Exchange and International Agreement).

Let us Guide you through the PBS Maze.

If you are Points Based Migrant, A Student, Minister of Religion or anyone else either looking to migrate to the UK or already in the UK and looking to extend your Visa, then give yourself the best fighting chance of success and call us today and speak to our expert immigration lawyers.