It can be very complex process to prepare and send comprehensively arguable application to UK Border Agency to get approval, therefore, it is highly recommended to seek the advice and assistance of an immigration specialist lawyer to maximise chances winning your application.

Bridgeway Solicitors provides excellent personalised immigration services to various corporate and individual clients. We place great emphasis and importance on personalised services, representation and strategic thinking to achieve excellent results for our clients.

We have experience in all areas of Immigration Law including matters where people’s immigration or visa status or applications are complex, difficult or critical.

We are one of the few firms in Cambridge city who provide Specialist Immigration advice and representing in all type of UK immigration matters. Our teams of immigration lawyers abides by rigorous Code of Conduct and undertake professional training time to time to keep up dated with the ever-changing immigration laws. We communicate these updates to our clients on a regular basis.

With more than a decade of legal experience, the Principal of  Bridgeway Solicitors has consistent and successful records of assisting and advising clients with the best possibilities to get desired results. You can maximise the chances for a successful outcome with our expertise.

Here at the Bridgeway Solicitors we offer:

  • Qualified initial advice with our specialist immigration lawyers
  • Complete and easy access to our every immigration lawyer
  • Full detailed and dedicated consultation for every proposed application
  • A complete dedication of caseworker to assist and advice you on your application
  • Full A to Z assistance in order to collecting, completing, and combining your application’s supporting documentation
  • Document check and application form
  • Step by step legal advice to confirm in writing with the status and progress of an application
  • Expert legal advice at an affordable price


Please contact us to find out more about the services we can offer you.