Once we contract to take a case, unless advised otherwise, we are committed to the successful conclusion, which includes pursuing all available avenues including appeals. We are particularly well qualified as our personals are legally trained and qualified therefore we have been very successful in the appeal process so far. We fully intend to maintain this record. You may be confident in the knowledge that we will do everything possible and pursue all avenues in order to conclude your case successfully.

Our business is 70% litigation based which gives Bridgeway Solicitors the legal and practical expertise to solve your problems. Experience of the litigation process and acting for a broad range of clients give an insight into how and why disputes arise. Knowledge and expertise of how Courts and Tribunals operate ensures you receive the best possible advice. Our involvement at an early stage will make a difference.

Our Lawyers are skilled in the provision of advice and in advocacy, both written and oral. We are committed to maintaining the high standards of service which clients are entitled to expect. Our records of achieving high success rate in immigration and asylum appeal matters put us in front of our competitors.